How to Measure for New Slings

Please Follow Carefully

Slings are non-returnable and non-refundable if made to your measurements. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. Make sure your measurements are accurate before placing your order. Measurement should be made to the closest 1/8" in width and the closest 1/4" in length. Please don't make any adjustments to the measurements you take. Don't add a bit here or take away a bit there. Please follow the exact measuring instructions provided. Casual Refinishing will add the necessary seam allowances for length and width.
Measurements should be taken while the old sling material is still installed, tightly in the furniture frame. Measuring an old sling that has been removed from the frame is not accurate. For the width, we require the distance from sling rail channel to sling rail channel. Do not be tempted to add to these measurements. Measure to the nearest 1/8" in width and the closest 1/4" in length... Casual Refinishing will add the necessary fabric for seam allowances.


Picture of Sling Chair Frame RailsSTEP 1 - Identify the sling rail
Most slings are installed by sliding the edge of the material into a channel or slot that runs the length of the chair. Find and remove the plastic caps that cover the sling rails at each end. They normally just slide out. You may have to use a small screwdriver or a kitchen knife to pry them out.





How to measure the top sling width





STEP 2 - Top sling width
Refer to the graphic above and the picture on the left. Using a tape measure, determine the distance from the center of one sling rail to center of the opposite sling rail. We recommend measuring about 4 inches down from the top of the chair, or at the point where the frame rails bolt to the frame. Measure to the nearest 1/8". Our replacement chair slings can stretch 1/2" to 1" when tightened on the chair frame. Sling fabrics are designed to stretch and by design, must be tight when installed on the frame.






How to measure bottom sling

STEP 3 - Bottom sling width
Repeat this process on the bottom of the chair or chaise. Never assume the top and the bottom measurement are the same. Measure from center to center of the sling rail and record your measurement to the closest 1/8". We recommend measuring the width at the point where the rails bolt to the frame. This is normally about 2" to 4" from the bottom, and will vary from chair to chair.




How to measure sling length


STEP 4 - Sling length
Starting at the top of the chair, measure the overall length. Usually a cloth or flexible tape measure works best. Make sure you follow the contour or curve of the chair. It is best to measure along the edge of the chair or sling rail and not in the middle of the chair. Use the curve of the sling rail as your guide. Measure to the closest ¼". This measurement will be the finished length of the sling. Casual Refinishing. Important: Measure with the sling installed, NOT after you remove it from the chair.